*** Unknown Location***

***88:88 gmt***

A dimly lit auditorium, a freakishly large Holographic Crest revolves in the center of the room. Little laser sensors peruse the Hall.

The lasers stop abruptly and egg shaped glass Hobs illuminate the hall. The top halves open up to reveal the occupants of the hobs…

“The Meeting is now in session”…

Baba: *coughs, lights a pipe with the number “70” engraved there-on… puffs* “It shouldn’t be lost on anyone as to the reason for this meeting. We’ve witnessed the emergence of an enemy… with unlimited power, and he’ll stop at nothing to destroy everything and everyone.

Super C: “Yes boss, what power is this?

Baba: *pauses*… The power of razz…

Mr. Incredible: “I’ve heard not to mess with it, but I question its potency since one of us wields it.”

Mighty D: Short Boy, talk well o…

The Whiz: See henn, hit hall dephends hon the way you decide to use the power. Hi’ve never used hit but hi know hit can be used for good, like Mighty D…”

The Undareyted:”Stop “axe-ing” the truth boy, that power lies dormant in you… right bro?”


The Undareyted: “Capable!”

Mr. Capable: “En!? Sorry… Was reading tula’s blog… Wet Fridays… Riley cracks me up! So what’s the question?”

Baba: *shakes his head, mutters under his breath *”Todays Heroes”

Duos: Yesso! No mind them… them can dey do anyhow… anyway nfana ibaga, what do we do about this villain?

Mr. Endowed: Firstly who is he?

Baba: He remains unknown for now but…

The Whiz: …he has hevil henchmen, twins Tee Gyntus hand Tee Mayah… Bahd guys!

Baba: “Did you just interrupt me?”

Duos: “Capable control your intern”

Mr. Capable: “Take it easy on the kid… puberty’s a bitch… those hormones mess with his head…”

Mr. Endowed: “You? Yabbing someone’s head?”

Mr. Capable: *stands up furiously and points at mr endowed* “ Fuck this mayne! We ain’t mates so stop talking like we at par dude!”

Mr Endowed: *Yimu*

Mr Capable: “Did you just…” *raises hand towards his hat*

Mighty D: “Make una relax!”

Super C: “Take a chill-pill! We know what you’re “capable” of… your “bald-beam” eternally puts the enemy in the planking position. Don’t take your hat off”

Mr Endowed: *whispers* “E gree commot am?”

Baba: “Quiet! Everyone! You’re supposed to be heroes?”… *whispers* “We’re finished”

Mr Incredible: “As we were, how about a surprise attack?… Undareyted, stop tweeting and scan his location.”

Undareyted: “Haba…” *smiles guiltily* “why would I be tweeting in a meeting like this? Anyway…” *looks into holographic monitor screen* …”satellite scans show a simple village hut… nothing fancy…”

Duos: “That should be easy”

Mighty D: “You think say na to born pikin abi?”

Duos: “Guy, was that necessary? I’ve told you it’s a medical condition.”

Mighty D: Six and counting?

Baba: “Mighty D’s right. It’s not that simple… *Turns to Duos* He’s also right that it can’t be medical”. “Anyway, My Telepathy reveals the spirits of his evil forest are his first line of defense. They’re his “kindred spirits”. Secondly, his herd of horn-toting he-goats… controlled by his music… And finally, the weedy-kinetic twins who wield the power of cloud9.”

Undareyted: “We can take him, but those he-goats? Not so sure…”

Baba: “Your mission’s simple… Teamwork and precision is of the essence…”

“First, Mighty D will concoct a “wene PH” mist, dis-orienting the spirits. Simultaneously Super C engages them using his 10/10 “waka” rays and The Undareyted follows up with piano fingers melee combat technique distracting them enough to get the five others in… Once in, you’ll realize that the seemingly little Hut is a complex labyrinth. You’ll proceed to the “gates of okporoko” the location of the he-goats… Here The Whiz is our hero and his “wHeeze” and “Axe” are the weapons of choice. While he battles the animals, four of you proceed to the color-riot temple where the twins meditate in the weed cloud9… Mr Endowed and Mr. Capable, its your cue here… Mr Endowed magnifies the range of Capables bald-beam and renders the twins planked. Don’t mis-fire like you did with charCOAL where you de-magnified him and he became terribly “small” o! With the twins being kept busy, Mr Incredible and Duos, our strongest heroes, enter the throne room. At this point all I can do is wish you luck because the weed cloud prevents further insight.”

Duos: Permission to roll out sir!?


Duos: Baba?

Baba: That won’t be necessary… He’s here…

***BOOM!!! Explosions all over the sanctum, puzzled faces everywhere as they acrobatically alight their hobs and take cover***

Unknown Voice: “Nice plan. Might have worked if I didn’t crash your “after party”…

*Heroes cluster together in a battle ready stance*

Baba: Knew it was you, who else could it be?

Super C: Why hide!? Kini big deal!? Show yourself!

*** The stench of palm-wine fills the room. Spirits pour in, followed by an unending herd of he-goats***

Baba: Brace yourselves…

***The goats and spirits stop few yards short of the heroes ,as the twins, on cloud9, levitate into the room***



Baba: You dare come here?

Unknown Voice: I’m here for my new recruit…

*The figure moves within the cloud… then stops… the cloud slowly clears*

Mr. Incredible: WTF!? Vic-O!?

*Vic-O smiles, then motions towards the heroes*


*Slowly, The Whiz walks over to Victors side…*

Baba: It was only a matter of time…

Vic-O: He knows the power of “razz”! And he looks promising… I’ll teach him well… he belongs with me… with the power…

“And when next we meet Mr. Kuti, your boys better be ready… Hahaha!

*The cloud emerges again and engulfs the spirits, he-goats, the twins, Vic-o and the whiz. They vanish*

Baba: Calm down boys… *smiles* The war has just begun…

*Insert jonzing-waiting-for-part2- action soundtrack here*