Deep inside, it stirs… a confusion.


A hunger.

I’m hungry. Hungry to become. Hungry to be. But I can’t be without a mould, and a mould is what I seek.

The definitive pointing of the compass. Momentum has been gathered. But where to be eludes me. And where to be also would be accompanied by the answering of the questions how to be and whom to be, I shall not answer when to be though. For when to be will be determined by myself, when I discover where to be. I also shall not answer why to be. For attempting that would be akin to initiating insanity.

Only He knows why to be, but I must know where, and whom. Because being is easier when you are who you are supposed to be. But when there is a distance between who you are supposed to be and who you are, the question, my dear friend, will not be who to be but where to be. For becoming who will take a process. And you must walk the path of that process, hence the need for direction… where.

I trudge on. I must find the next step. Where. And in His mercy I already somewhat know who to be… at least in part. But I know not where he is.

Hence… I draw my my breath…

And I listen,

For He knows Where, Who, How, When and Why…

So my friends…

I listen…

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