So here’s a scenario.

Joseph walks into the selection pit. Now the thing is, he’s been away from his brothers for quite a while. Like a long while. After he was sold to the ishmeelites scripture doesn’t record how long it took to get to the house of mister P. I’d like to think it took a long time.
See, egypts economy was peaking at that period. Historically industries like manufacturing, mining and construction and the likes were the ones that attracted slaves. Because these needed a lot of “expendable” man power. Jo would fit the bill perfectly. But there’s just one itsy problem. He’s a skinny ass brother. Well, I wouldn’t say skinny, more like young. So whenever slave “scouts” came around, jo was always overlooked. He was never picked because he was too small to be of any profitable use to anybody. Little jo’s a small kid. He hadn’t even fully completed puberty. So he needed time to grow in the ishmeelite slave quaters. Become more manly, more useful. That’s the only way he would end up in potiphars house. He didn’t get that time to grow. So all he was useful for was being a house servant.

One day as he’s running an errand in the local egyptian market, he meets this girl. (Ghen ghen). Meeting a girl always changes the direction of any story. He sees her pricing some egyptian spices. He thinks to walk up to her. She looks like she’s been a servant for a while. He decides not to. Well, because he looks wretched. And “servant” get levels. She crosses his mind fleetingly once again on his way home. He brushes off the thought. He felt a connection just by seeing her, not romantic, but… a connection, a strong one which he knew he shoulda acted on. He relaxed and just thought “oh well, no use crying over spoilt beef” and went on home.

Another marketday, a while later, joseph goes for the servant celebrations. It’s the festive period. All the servants, prestigeous and common alike gather in the egyptian field for a night of relaxation. After the days marketing is done, they gather and begin celebrations for a good year. One more year closer to gaining freedon for a lot of them, and that was something to be thankful for. Jo picks up his gourd of grape juice. He looks up, and sees her again. The same girl from the market a while back. He sits there drinking and thinking about his year, about potiphar, about his family back home, and about her, yes, her. He’s only seen her twice but he keeps thinking about her. Not cuz he’s in love, but because he knows she should be more than a fleeting presence in his life. He can’t place why exactly, but he just knows. He keeps thinking that way till the festivities are over. Dumb boy. Jo was shy, and a loner. So he was not the type to go meet someone and start a convo. He smiled to himself as he walked home that night. His thoughts? “I’ll never get to talk to her or anyone else”.

Jo was lonely. Not lonely in the sense that there was no one around him, but in the sense that no one understood him. Jo wanted to talk about his dreams. And his family. And his future. And the God of grampy Ab… everyone called him grampy even though he was technically a great grand father. He knew this God was with him but where was he gonna find someone who knew this God too? So in this sense, Jo was very lonely.
Fastforward a few marketdays later. Jo was picking up some syrian tomatoes and he hears someone say “hi”. He turns back to look and he sees her.
“I’ve been seeing you around the market but I never say hi so I just thought to do that today.”
Jo is stunned, “Hello, I’ve been seeing you around too. Just never worked up the courage to say hi”.”I’m joey, or Jo for short, what’s your name?”
“Ruby”. “Are you from the northwest?”
“Yes I am! Are you also from there? Ruby doesn’t sound like a north-western name”
“Yes I’m from the north-west too.”
And that began one of the most relieving conversations joey would ever have. He talked about The God of his Grampy, and his dreams, and where he was going, but more importantly? She talked back. She talked about how she also had northwestern heritage. And about how she too was on a journey. In pursiut of a dream, which her God had given her. She talked about her fears and about her experiences with this God. Joey could not believe this. So there was someone here all along who knew what I had been feeling? Who understood my desires and my dreams? Joey was overjoyed. And that stroll home with ruby, was the best two hours of his life in egypt.

Tonight I learnt there’s never “just you” in a race, on a journey. You may think you’re alone, but there’s someone. Like attracts like. And soon enough the dots will connect. And when they do, your dreams will become vivid again. Because now, you’ll be able to fire them up with somebody… and our dreams need to stay on fire.

This journey to the palace… hmmm. The God of Grampy Ab, surely is planning something.