**DISCLAIMER**This is a very short cheesy post. So if you’re not into cheesy please stop reading.

So I heard some people have “love-tells”. A tell is a sign or an indication of/ pointer to something. Some people have love-tells as I found out. Everything from calling him/her just to hear their voice more than once a day to picturing yourselves with kids and a family together. For a lot of my friends their tell is sex. And that’s just… *shudders*

I used to think I didn’t have a love tell. But I realized I do. And it’s a weird one. Not a regular one like most. For me it’s dancing.

Like if I picture and fantasize about dancing with a chic then yep, I’m falling in ****. (Sorry, I just won’t use that word). And it’s not the ballerina type dancing too.It’s the groovy, happy go lucky dancing to new school naija pop songs. The grimy get down and let your hair loose kinda dancing…

In my head the dancing is always in slow motion. Can’t explain it so don’t ask. You know how you can dance intimately with someone even though you’re in public, and you know it’s like you’re connecting. But it’s to a fast song. We’re laughing, sweating, getting down on the dance floor… *sigh*

I hope I get to dance with HER one day. I really hope so.

So oblige me please. Am I just weird or do you also have a “love-tell”? If yes please share in the comment box. I’d like to know. Thanks…

By the way, the song we’re always dancing to in my head is wizkids “wiz party”here… enjoy.

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