I’m at the office right now, Bored out of my mind. So i thought to pen a new post. Plus, it’s really been a minute.


My finger hits the ant’s abdomen. I quickly lift it up and examine it making sure it’s ok. It look’s fine to me. I set it back down and keep toying with the ant, setting up blockages and forcing it to take the routes outlined by my fingers placements. The light from the window shines on the dusty prison floor as i make the ant run a mini “400” meter race in the make believe tracks my fingers outline. After a while i let it go and watch it thankfully scamper away into the darkness of the prison.

I stand up and walk to the window, look through the bars and i see the river. The meadow right after it looks more luscious today. And then in the distance, just over the hills, i see the palace. A cocktail feeling of hope and frustration comes over me. Hope because His promise is sure. Frustration because it tarries. And i heave a sigh as i keep looking out through the window.

I’m startled by a piece of meat that drops to the sindow slab on the outside just within my reach. It’s been cooked too. Well, seasoned and garnished. i reach for it and just before i can touch it a bird lands almost right on my hand. I pull back. The bird looks at me as i look back, it’s a raven.

Knowing the narrative on these birds i subtly try to reach for the piece of meat. I havn’t had good food here in a while and i really am famished. Just as i can reach it the bird jumps and flaps it’s wings and picks up the meat with its beak. I think to myself… “it’s gonna be a long day”. But to my surprise, the bird moves closer to me and drops the piece of meat well within my reach. i apprehensively reach out and pick it up, half expecting the bird to peck my arm or something, but the bird just keeps staring at me. I bring the meat in past the window bars and eat it with the holiest anger ever. I look up to see the bird gone but i am satisfied for today, tomorrow will take care of itself. And tomorrow did take care of itself, in the form of the very same raven. This bird brought food to me everyday. And as i sit by the window at noon everyday waiting, I smile.


Rarely explain the analogies in my stories because my stories are always analogies of my real life experiences and i like telling my business without really telling my business if you know what i mean. But i feel the need to elucidate this time.
So i was in a car crash last month, it happened at the worst time ever, and the best time ever as well. I just bought a car for my sister like i said in my last post, but the car hadn’t been delivered due to my wanting to register it in her name and her complications with her license. So basically, even though i had two cars, i had none. I had to find ways to get to work, hitching rides, begging people, etc. Funny enough, people whom i would have thought would have my back kept giving me stories. The help i got came from people i would not have ever dreamed would want to help me. Remember my post on my dad? He heard about the accident from a family friend and asked me to go to his house in houston here and take one of his cars for a while. After he asked me to return it, a friend who did not want to see my face a long time ago when i needed him has suddenly come around to become my personal chauffeur. I used the analogy of ravens because urban legend has it that they are the stingiest of birds. It is said that they can let their young starve just to satisfy themselves. Yet these birds are the ones giving me food.

I smile.

He just likes showing off.