Frank Edwards ft Sinach – Ome Mma (Remix)

Ome Mma as it was used in the context of this song refers to a personality of goodness. It literally means “Doing good”. The essence and existence of which is not dependent on The existence of bad. This is a different type of good. There is no bad to balance it out. It’s goodness through and true. The definition of which becomes a person and not a state or an act.

This song is a praise song. A worshippers heart-cry. Calling Him Ome Mma. It’s probably already Christian mantra to say “God is good… All the time”. But very few know the depth and meaning of those statements.
I wrote in my last post (the pingback to my friend’s blog) about how every occurrence that could be termed a “bad incident” was turned around and used for greater good last year. It’s from that place that I write this post.

Here in prison we receive letters from home. I got one from Bethel recently. Rushed to open it and see how my family was doing. Then I heard bad news. Really bad news that I wasn’t ready for. February has been a rough month till now. The ship has steadied a bit but the effects of the storm are still evident. And it wasn’t so much a storm for me as it was one back home in Canaan. This prison kept me from going back to Bethel and helping steady the storm. So I did what I could do. Made a few calls and took some temporary salvage actions. But it’s not yet over, not totally at least, because I’ve only seen the “bad” and he is “Ome Mma”.

For me, the popular church declaration “God is good… all the time” is as much a prayer, as it is a testimony. He might have been good to you. So you say it in appreciation, but when storms come, I say it in faith, because I have not seen the “good”. Personally I am lying and ungrateful if I say I have not seen good. I have. In this prison that feels more “palacey” as the days go by, I have seen His “good”. But these stories from Isreal have no good in them… yet. So as I called him Ome mma this morning. It was a reminder of whom He is. Just on the slight off chance that He had forgotten. I had to remind him, and myself, that He is good. And the situation is not yet over, till I see the “good”.

I need to see the good. I know He’ll show me soon. I’m waiting.