(Written on the 6th of April 2013)


I write from two places usually. Extreme happiness or extreme sadness. It’s been a hell of a six weeks. I know I haven’t posted in forever and I’m sorry. Just haven’t felt either of those muse emotions in a long time. My prison has changed. So much brighter yet, somehow, dark. Dark in the sense that Asenath delays. Shades and forms abide but she delays. He said I’d know. Well… not sure I do, but that’s a story for another day.

Currently listening to Edison road’s change in the making. A part of me knows I’m using this an excuse. I’m well grown past this stage. But being a baby is fun. Still, I can’t stay a baby if I plan to save Egypt. I’ll have to drop all these and move on. But for right now I’m here. Happy… Ish… Can’t be full till i become PM again. These days something tells me that Is what saving Egypt means. Becoming PM. He knows that Is the last thing i want…
Abeg I’m changing this song…

Frank Edwards – Omeworom.

So Jacob and the entire clan came to see me from Canaan. Best prison visit in a while. I’m typing this with native Ogbono and goat meat from Canaan in my front. Someone say “flexing”. Jacob carried my Sister’s baby for the first time. Priceless. She loves him so much. I’ve missed Jacob. My Father. My home. For me home is a person right now. Not a place. You can see she’s truly happy. I haven’t been this happy in a while. Sometimes prison can get so comfortable, you forget you’re supposed to save Egypt. I think I want to stay here. The palace might be better but I doubt I want the responsibility. What if I can’t save Egypt? What if I fall? What if I fail. I’m happy here. Jacob is happy and she’s the one I care about. Entire clan is happy. Prison is home right now. Do I need to get out? Do I? I’m happy here, now. Do I have to save Egypt?

Let me focus on now.

The time to worry about Egypt is far. For now, I’m happy, I’m home.