I feel like I’ve recently been talking too much about Asenath. She’s been in every post, chat and general introspective communication I have with myself. The events of my Joseph story have not been 100% chronologically in line with scripture but I find that Joseph never got to meet Asenath till he was well on his way to saving Egypt. He actually met her in the first of the seven years of plenty. When he was well underway to gather the crop and save Egypt. That might not be the case. Asenath might be someone I know now. I might just not know she’ll be Asenath. She could also be someone I haven’t met. I’m not paying attention to detail. All I know is there is an Asenath and I will meet/know her one day. I doubt it’s now tho. I’m still in prison.
It’s funny how we try to force ourselves into seeing people as what they’re not. Lol. One particular one recently, I lied so much to her face (not literally, it was over IMs), not because I wanted to lie, but because I hoped I’d eventually feel that way about her soon. “Only you can do this to me”… Story, Lol. I started by figuring out who I thought Asenath should be and finding someone that fit that bill, at least 60% of the bill. It doesn’t work that way. I’m thankful it didn’t work out.
Asenath won’t feel forced. It’s going to be natural. At the right time. She will be royalty. As I will be too. The focus should be getting out of this prison. Royalty doesn’t live in prison.
Enough about asenath. Let’s get to getting out of here. Then we can talk.