It’s been a weird year for me. Blessings definitely have been all around, but I’ve not been at my personal best as regards utilizing them. I’ve had an insane amount of responsibility. Figures, but still, that’s not to happen till I get to the palace. I don’t know. I’m kinda confused.
Asenath, she’ll come when she’ll come. I’m done with trial and error. Besides, Joseph meets her when he’s out of prison. So yeah, let’s keep first things first.
I need to do a better job this second half of the year. Stop procrastinating. Start taking being prison patrol leader seriously. Get back to my get out plan. Stop wasting resources on unnecessaries.
I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve realized people are my greatest resource. It’s been a challenge knowing which people though. We thank God for the Woblo’s and Bins. They’ve been there. And they’ve made my burden easier. All in all, I’ve realized I need to grow up. If I’ve learned anything from this half of the year, it’s that I need to grow up. I really do.
So here’s to growing up.