There is a shorter route out of this prison and you know it. Why do you insist on taking me through this path?

Because you’ll come back here if I just jailbreak you.

I’ll come back here? Does that even make sense? Who would come back here in their right mind?

Exactly. You won’t be in your right mind.

So is this a journey about reconditioning my mind?

Amongst other things, but yes, that’s a major part of it.

But this route is long, and far, and treacherous.

That’s what you see. That’s not what I see.
I see the end. I see you as you should be. That’s why you need to go through this path. In the end you’ll see things more like the way I see them.

But is this the only way? A route this long?

It’s the best way… For you… For who I want you to become.

I don’t like this way. When you said it was time to begin the process of leaving the prison you didn’t tell me the process was this drawn out and tedious.

“You don’t like it”? *Smiles and shakes His head*. Every statement you make just proves my point that this is the best path for you.

*Sigh* it’s long. And drawn out, and tedious, but… It’s you who’s leading. Let’s get to getting out of this place then…
*Gets up from floor, chains still on ankles*
“Alright, lead me…”

Psalm 80 vs 1.