Haven’t been here in a while. I know. At this point I almost don’t want to give you details because the story is developing so rapidly. Yahweh really has been gracious. His ways are far from our ways. The way he plans things out, you’re there thinking there is a casting down but he’s allowing it as a tool to lift you up. Those close to me understand the fact that I was lifted up recently without necessarily knowing it only came about via a casting down. Yahweh knows.
At this point I feel close to the palace. I can almost taste it. I’ve gone over the plan 100 times in my head. It’s solid enough to work as long as yahweh takes care of the one part of the plan that isn’t in MY hands. It’s ALL in His hands but you know what I mean. I’m scared and excited  simultaneously. There really is so much to write and that’s why i’m not going into details. All I can tell you is Yahweh has blown my mind. There has also been some development in regards to Asenath. But then again I don’t want to write about it because it’s too much of a developing story to write about now. This story is gaining critical mass and I feel like it’ll be best enjoyed written all at once. That will be a whole lot of writing. But it will serve it’s purpose which is to encourage those who know they’re on a journey.
In the mean time I’ll urge you to understand that the nuggets you see in the Script are real. Yesterday I understood “give us this day our daily bread” with a physical example. I also walked in the sentence “your new stock shall meet the old and you will never run out”.
I’ve also had an on going lesson on “which of you by worrying can add to your head?”. He keeps teaching me. I Love that He keeps teaching me. There’s too much to say but the story is at critical mass.
Plus players in this story asides me now visit this psychiatrist office called my blog. So it’s best to keep things under wraps and let the story influence itself and come out with its own ending. You’ll hear about it.